Mathematical engineer, I like to discover new cultures and learn new languages. My academic interest is the mathematical modelling of engineering problems, be it through numerical analysis or machine learning. Other than that I sometimes play with data for fun or discover new languages. Feel free to check the projects I had fun with!



Still at an early stage!
  • Geometric Deep Learning for Volumetric Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Luca Zampieri
    EPFL 2019 • Master thesis
  • Fast Inference for Machine Learning in ROOT/TMVA
    Kim Albertsson, Sitong An, Lorenzo Moneta, Stefan Wunsch, Luca Zampieri (minor contributions)
    Conference of High Energy Physics 2019 • Poster
  • A fast inference engine for Boosted Decision Trees
    Luca Zampieri
    Cern archives 2019 • Report
  • Stay Safe Geneva
    Luca Zampieri, Martino Milani, Xavier Gilcompanys
    AMLD 2018 • Website
    Best 3 projects award in Applied Data Analysis course


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About ESAC

Short story of a trainee

Located in Villafranca del Castillo, 30 minutes from Madrid, the ESAC scientific complex is a wonderful place where many different nationalities meet to improve our understanding of the cosmos. Today was BeppiColomb day! A day to celebrate the successful launch of the satellite of the same name that is gonna... [Read More]
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